We hear a lot of news about identity theft today. One of the best solutions for protecting your credit is to simply “lock” or “freeze” your credit file with each credit bureau. If you  live in Georgia, then you can lock and unlock that credit file for $3.00 per occurrence per bureau. So, it’s $9.00 to lock on all three and $9.00 to unlock all three. Fees vary based upon your resident state. You will verify verify this with the bureau when you freeze your file. Regardless, I have found this to be the most secure and affordable option to address this ever-growing problem.    Here are a few simple points:

  • You need to freeze your credit file with each respective bureau.
  • You may consider also freezing the credit file for any minors as well.
  • Once you lock it, then it’s frozen and no one can apply for credit in your name.
  • Be sure to save your PINs or login data after you freeze the account. You’ll need it to login and unfreeze the account.
  • Simply revisit the site and “unfreeze” your credit file when and if you need to apply for credit.

The link to each credit bureau is listed below.




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