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We work with successful individuals and businesses to address the need for proper short or long-term investments, tax strategies, retirement plans, insurance and legacy planning. Wealth management covers many areas and they all tie together for your long-term plan. Below are samples of the services we offer. An email or phone call could make a significant change to your future.

Custom Investment Models

Our investment strategies are tailored to those individuals who are serious about wealth planning. Our custom approach requires a higher investment minimum in order to accomplish a proper diversification among the strategies we use. We use stocks, bonds, ETFs and some mutual funds to accomplish our strategy goals.

Do you know your risk score? Use our short questionnaire to discover. A risk score is beneficial to start the discussion on your current investment allocation and on any future considerations you may have.


Investment Strategies with ZERO Downside Loss Objectives

There are many ways to develop a portfolio model, but is it really possible to invest for growth potential while protecting your portfolio from loss in the market? Let's think outside the box! One of our unique strategies has an objective to participate in the market  growth with a dual objective to have a zero loss floor.*

Contact us so that we can provide details on how this could work for you.

*Investments involve risk and there are no guarantees that any stated objective will be met.


Premium Financed Life Insurance

"I believe in this so strongly that this is what I do personally.",

                                         Darryl Dyche.

We actually do what we say. I'll even show you my personal life insurance policy. Successful business owners and professionals understand the pressure that high tax rates place upon their earnings. In many states, the combined total tax bracket on the highest level of income can reach 50% or more. In such a case, a $100,000 premium deposit would require $200,000 of income earned to make that deposit a reality. Premium financed life insurance is an advanced solution for the high-income and/or high net-worth individual. The strategy is all in the name. It is a powerful way to potentially develop significant cash value in a life policy while minimizing your financial outlay. Don't design your insurance as a expense item. Do it right and create an asset you can use for later years.

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Family at a Beach

State of Georgia Film Tax Credits

State tax credits are the hidden gem. We use credits, primarily for Georgia Film Industry and South Carolina Rehabilitated Mills, in order to reduce a client's state tax liability. Credits for these states have the potential to reduce your tax liability by 10% to 18%.

Contact us and we'll work with you and your CPA.

Minimum tax credit purchase starts at $10,000.